Stone Strengthening Fibers

Sale price$4.50

Include our large-poly, super-strong polypropylene/polyethylene blended synthetic macro-fibers in your concrete mix to assure the strongest possible stone. These fibers act like mini re-bar, successfully replacing steel fibers, welded wire mesh, and conventional reinforcing bars in the stone. Fibers increase overall durability, fatigue resistance, and flexural toughness of the stone. Bulk mixture includes (1) 12oz bulk bag or box of fibers, equivalent to around 8 small bags of fibers. 

Small Bag - Include with wet concrete mix:

  • 8"-12" Stone: 1/2 Bag
  • 14"-18" Stone: 1 Bag
  • 20"-24" Stone: 2 Bags

Bulk Box - Include with wet concrete mix:

  • 8"-12" Stone: Small Handful
  • 14"-18" Stone: Large Handful
  • 20"-24" Stone: Two Large Handfuls
Size: Small Bag (~1.5oz)