History of Slater Strength

Slater Strength originated as a solution to Steve Slater's quest for unique strongman equipment. Over the past 20+ years, we have grown to specialize in producing heavy-duty strength items for both casual and professional athletes. The Slater Atlas Stone Mold, Slater True Logs, and Timber Farmer’s Walk Handles have been utilized in prestigious events worldwide. We pride ourselves on providing heirloom-grade strength equipment that meets the demands of athletes at all levels and creates community from garage gyms to the main stage.


Steve Slater's story is synonymous with two distinct yet intertwined facets of human endeavor: Hardware and Strength. Slater's Hardware, founded by Steve Slater's grandparents, had been a cornerstone of local commerce for nearly a century before its closing in February of 2024. The store, which began as a small hardware shop, grew into a hub for all sorts of hobbies—and in 2002, Steve Slater added the Strength Department to Slater’s Hardware. The hardware store, along with a natural knack for ingenuity, provided Slater with the means to build the foundational products that are sold by Slater Strength today. Within the walls of the hardware store came the conception of the first-ever Slater Atlas Stone Mold and has housed the most renowned Slater Logs for nearly three decades. When taking an even further look back into Slater's family history, you will find that his Paternal Great-Grandfather was a Logger, and the other was the owner of a cement quarry. The roots of combining honest work, ingenuity, and natural resources run deep for Slater. He has always been inspired to use natural resources to create lasting quality strength equipment that can be passed down for generations.

Steve Slater's personal journey has been one of physical strength and the pursuit of meaningful creation and connection. His strength journey is not only about personal achievement; it is also about the evolution of strength competitions. Slater's passion for strength led him to become a prominent figure in the world of Strongman Competitions, where he has laid his focus on connecting the world's modern-day athletes with primal feats of honest strength. Slater, along with other pioneers in the field, helped to establish the Arnold Strongman Classic, an event that has become a benchmark for strength competitions worldwide.

Since the closing of Slater’s Hardware Store in 2024, production of Slater Stone Molds and Logs has moved to the new Slater Strength Headquarters, on the property of the original Slater Family Warehouse. Production of our Stone Molds and Timber Equipment continues to be made by hand by Steve Slater and his family. Slater Strength hopes that the equipment they produce allows you to grow stronger, challenge yourself, and have a great time getting stronger.