10" Slater Atlas Stone Mold (45lb. Atlas Stone)
10" Slater Atlas Stone Mold (45lb. Atlas Stone)

10" Slater Atlas Stone Mold (45lb. Atlas Stone)

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  • 10” Slater Atlas Stone Mold
  • Approx. Weight 45 lbs. 
  • Hand-Made in Lancaster, Ohio, U.S.A
  • Durable and Reusable
  • Trusted by Professionals
  • Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Our 10” Slater Atlas Stone Mold produces a concrete Atlas Stone that weighs approximately 45 lbs. All Slater Atlas Stone Molds are designed to be multiple-use products, with some users claiming to have to have made over 50 stones from the same mold. Available in 10 size options ranging from 8" to 24" in diameter, our Stone Molds cater to a wide range of weight preferences, from approximately 23 lbs to 586 lbs. Your Mold will come with easy-to-follow instructions, enabling athletes - from beginners to seasoned pros - to save time while the mold does much of the work.

Recognized as the original and most durable Atlas Stone Mold in the strength industry, our molds are designed for making excellent competition-grade Atlas Stones with ease. Slater Molds have been trusted for creating the Atlas Stones for many of the world’s most prestigious strongman competitions.

Adjusting Your Stone's Weight:

  • Due to the small size of the mold, we do not recommend using a lightening ball to lighten the stone. If you would like to make a lighter 10” Atlas Stone, we suggest using a lightweight concrete mix (Sakrete Maximizer Concrete Mix, etc.).


  • We offer custom stone mold lettering, limited to 25 characters, allowing for personalization or branding of the stones. Customization can be added to your order by adding “Custom Stone Mold Lettering” to your cart through our product page. Custom Lettering comes in the form of a sticker placed on the inside of the mold, which will leave an impression on the completed stone. Custom Lettering is only guaranteed for one atlas stone. 

A Note From Slater Strength,

Since our inception, the Slater Atlas Stone Mold has been meticulously handcrafted in the basement of Slater’s Hardware. With the closing of the hardware in early 2024, the Slater Atlas Stone Mold is still made in Lancaster, OH, but now at the “Slater Warehouse”. Steve Slater and his family continue to personally produce Slater Stone Molds, and we are committed to maintaining this tradition. Despite our growth, we have resisted switching to outsourced manufacturing processes, opting instead to keep production local, providing employment opportunities to our family and community members. Our pledge is to deliver a product capable of crafting stones worthy of prestigious events like the Arnold Classic and the World’s Strongest Man competition. If ever our product fails to meet your expectations, we will make it right – no questions asked.  

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